The Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center delivers patients a full suite of extensive services for the management of their breast health. From screening and wellness to diagnostic and further treatment needs, the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center provides the convenience of an integrated system for each patient’s wellness journey. This commitment is strengthened by the collaboration of the Mid-South’s premier breast experts, working side-by-side to deliver the type of care patients have come to know and trust

New Patient Referral Portal

Physicians can now refer patients to the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center! Click here to complete a short, secure questionnaire that includes a document upload for physician notes and image reports. For assistance, please contact 901.692.9600.

New Patient Paperwork

New patients can now complete paperwork online before their first appointment by clicking the button below! These forms are also sent to your home after scheduling your first appointment and also available upon your arrival to clinic.

Patient Services

  • 3D Mammography
  • Breast Biopsies – Ultrasound and Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Breast Cyst Ablation
  • Breast Surgery
  • Breast Ultrasound
  • Cryoablation
  • Diagnostic Mammography
  • Evaluation/Treatment – Benign Breast Disease
  • Galactography
  • High Risk Breast Clinic
  • Mobile Mammography Services
  • Savi Insertion
  • Screening Mammography
  • Sentinel Node Injection
  • Wire Localization Procedure

Margaret West High Risk Breast Clinic

At the Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center, our physicians, staff and community outreach liaisons walk hand-in-hand with patients on their health care journey. As part of this commitment, it is our priority to ensure that you are equipped with the necessary resources and education regarding your general breast health, as well as information on breast cancer and the importance of early detection. In an effort to continue providing the highest quality care, we now offer a High Risk Breast Clinic for patients who may have an increased risk of developing cancer.

3D Mammography

Digital breast tomosynthesis (TOMO), also known as 3D mammography, is a revolutionary new screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool used to improve the early detection of breast cancer. Traditional digital mammography takes two-dimensional pictures of the breast and is still one of the most advanced tools available for detecting abnormalities. Rather than viewing the breast tissue in 2D images, our radiologists can now examine tissue one thin layer at a time. Fine details are much more visible and are less likely to be hidden by overlapping tissue.

Our Name

The Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center received its name through a significant financial gift from Betty and Jack Moore in honor of West Clinic’s founder, William H. West, MD, who lost his mother to breast cancer.

About Margaret West

Margaret West Comprehensive Breast Center is proud to be accredited by the Federal Drug Administration, American College of Radiology, and the American Society of Breast Surgeons. For more information about these awards, please visit our Accreditations page.

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