The division of Gynecologic Oncology strives to deliver the very best gynecologic cancer care in Memphis, the surrounding region, and beyond. We are fortunate to have gifted colleagues from other disciplines at West Cancer Center; residents, fellows, radiologists, pathologists, researchers, nurses, and other support staff to offer the latest treatment options for gynecologic cancers. If you want the best care for yourself or your loved one, there is only one choice – West Cancer Center.

“In regards to cancer care, we were doing minimally invasive surgery here at West Cancer Center before anyone else in the city,” said Dr. Todd Tillmanns. “That’s typically a robotic approach; however, there are other minimally invasive approaches that we are doing as well that are very effective. We put our patients first, and that means finding the most successful methods that interrupt their lives as little as possible.”

Cutting Edge Surgical Options


This advanced software is used during surgical procedures for endometrial cancer patients to identify the sentinel left node (main lymph node) that drains the uterus. This process helps diagnose more patients with microscopic metastasis to the nodes than typically would be done without the Firefly technology. This digital imaging process involves staining the nodes with a dye called lndocyanine Green which lights up the nodes with a green hue, allowing our surgeons to trace and stage those specific lymph nodes, which more often results in positive tests.


Robotic surgery is one of our minimally invasive options where smaller, precise incisions are made which decrease recovery times to 1-2 weeks and improves our patient’s quality of life. We are the comprehensive robotics center in this region, with the greatest number and most experienced Gynecologic Oncology robotic surgeons. Not only have we performed thousands of these surgeries on both malignant and complex gynecologic surgeries but we have pioneered new techniques, set local and national standards, and have trained all UT graduated robotic trained gynecologists since 2005.


HIPEC (Hyperthermic lntraperitoneal Chemotherapy) is unlike systemic chemotherapy delivery by using highly concentrated, heated chemotherapy directly to the cancer cells in the abdomen. Not only is absorption of the chemotherapy improved, but higher doses can be applied with less collateral damage. At West Cancer Center, we pioneered this technology beginning in 2012 and no other facility offers this treatment within a 200 mile radius of Memphis.

Did You Know?

• West Cancer Center participates in numerous clinical trials, utilizing new immunotherapy options.
• We lead the country in video assisted genetic counseling.
• Our staff trains all of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center medical students, OBGYN residents, and Gynecologic Oncology fellows.
• We have the only Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program in the state of Tennessee, and are 1 of only 50 in the United States.

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