Lymphedema is related to the functioning of the lymphatic system which helps fight off infection and clear debris from the body. The lymph nodes remove bacteria and debris from the lymph before draining into the bloodstream. When lymph nodes are removed or damaged as a result of cancer treatment there is a problem with the flow of lymph resulting in an abnormal buildup of fluid that causes swelling, known as lymphedema.

There are currently no local programs available to assist women with their needed compression garments. lymphedema is a serious medical problem and although insurance covers Lymphedema therapy, the compression garments are a vital and necessary part of the treatment for this lifelong medical problem.

Here at West Cancer Center, we work to navigate patients in need of lymphedema garments with resources to donate garments or offer financial assistance. 

Lymphedema can be mild or severe. It can develop immediately or decades following the trauma of cancer. If you think you have lymphedema, talk to your doctor today about visiting our Rehabilitation and Lymphedema Department at West Cancer Center or contact [email protected]

Who is eligible?

Breast cancer survivors who have developed Lymphedema as a result of their cancer treatment and are in need of compression garments but (a) have no insurance coverage for compression garments; or (b) have insurance coverage, but are unable to afford to pay their co-pays and deductibles.

What are the limits?

  • Ready-made compression garments every 12 months or
  • Maximum of $170 towards purchase of custom compression garment every 12 months.

What are the requirements?

You must have:

  • A prescription from your physician for any compression garments.
  • A referral from your Lymphedema therapist.
  • Been seen by a designated Program Coordinator (see below) for a voucher and an appointment to be fitted.
  • Been fitted by a WINGS contracted medical supplier.

For More Information:

East Memphis, TN
Ruby Maclin
901.683.0055 ext. 61187
[email protected]

Midtown Memphis, TN
Timothy Price
901.355.5448 ext. 62121
[email protected]

Corinth, MS
Martha King
[email protected]

Desoto, MS
Timothy Price
901.355.5448 ext. 62121
[email protected]

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